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2018 Asparagus

The 2018 Stockton Delta asparagus harvest has begun.  You can again enjoy the deliciousness of California asparagus and the sweet taste from the rich peat soils of the Stockton Delta.

Our biggest hurdle now is the asparagus being imported from Mexico. The markets across the United States are being inundated with asparagus from Mexico.  Because Mexico can produce their product at over half the cost of what California growers can, California asparagus will soon be extinct.  It is a shame that the State of California allows Mexico to continue importing their asparagus especially when they have the same product in their own back yard.  Growers in California are held to the highest expectations when it comes to food safety, traceability, minimum wage, workmen’s compensation, health insurance, etc.

Please click on the link below to read a statement from one of our customers explaining how important California asparagus from the Stockton Delta region is to his company and his customers.  We tip our hat to Jack Scalisi and thank him for the recognition.  If only we had the same support from our local chain stores, wholesale markets, and foodservice distributors.