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2023 Potato Harvest

Harvest will begin on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, in the Stockton Delta.  We will have all three varieties; Red (Delta Queen), White (Delta King), and Gold (Pintail) potatoes.  Please be sure to check back for pictures and give a call to either Greg Paul or James Paul for pricing and availability.  We look forward to another successful and productive season featuring California grown potatoes from the rich peat soil of the Stockton Delta. 

For sales please call 209-952-0580 and ask for Greg Paul or James Paul.  Downloadable directions available under the "Contact us" tab.  New team members include Mike Roby in the shipping department and Eric King overseeing and helping with loading and sales. 

July 16, 2018

Stockton Delta Reds, Whites, and Yukon Gold Potatoes are now available.  Today is the first day of harvest.  We will have all three varieties available for shipment starting today.  Please call Greg or James to get pricing and place your orders.

Yukon Gold "Pintail" label

White "Delta King" label

Red "Delta Queen" label